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Decorative thumbnail for ADAPT 101

June 6, 2024

This handout introduces ADAPT, the Accessible Data Analysis and Publishing Tool. ADAPT improves the accessibility of Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) data, Part C and B.
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Decorative Thumbnail for Part C Public Reporting Requirements of IDEA

May 30, 2024

The IDEA requires states to publicly report 3 primary types of data: 1) State Performance Plan/Annual Performance Report (SPP/APR); 2) 618 data collections; and 3) Determinations. This brief includes these requirements for Part C in plain language.
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Decorative thumbnail for Document Accessibility Guide: Microsoft Word

April 19, 2024

Many people with disabilities use assistive technology to access content. As a result, documents must be developed and formatted according to accessibility best practices. This guide contains examples from the SPP/APR, required under IDEA.
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Decorative thumbnail for Open-Source Software & Security

April 12, 2023

Open-source software is transparent, customizable, and community-driven, making it safe and secure. Benefits include innovation, cost-effectiveness, and collaboration.

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