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Making IDEA data more accessible

Developed by the Weiss Center, the Accessible Data Analysis and Publishing Tool (ADAPT) is a modern, web-based solution that helps make IDEA data easier to understand. Hosted in a State’s cloud environment, ADAPT may be used to author and publish reports that are accessible to all, including individuals with disabilities and those with limited statistical knowledge.

A computer screen shows the ADAPT product with data on students with disabilities.

A computer screen shows the ADAPT product with data on students with disabilities, categorized by type and race/ethnicity.

Achieving maximal accessibility goes beyond Section 508 compliance. While this establishes a baseline of accessibility, ADAPT has undergone rigorous user testing to ensure it meets Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2. This allows ADAPT to be leveraged across state education agencies (SEAs) to effectively meet specific public reporting requirements under IDEA Sections 616 and 618, Part B and Part C.

As the ultimate resource for generating accessible IDEA data reports, ADAPT offers a comprehensive list of report templates for Part B and Part C, including child count, service providers, dispute resolutions, and much more!


With the implementation of ADAPT comes a host of benefits, including the increased understanding and use of IDEA Part B and Part C data by more diverse audiences. This better equips communities with the knowledge to engage in data-driven discussions and decision making, whether at their jobs or in their homes.

Additional benefits include:

  • Improved capacity in States to meet compliance requirements, lessening the burden on staff.

  • Greater technical efficiencies through secure, accessible, open-source technology.

  • Freely available to SEAs and installed in the State’s cloud environment.

  • Increased transparency of data comparisons between states, streamlining communication and fostering collaboration.

Whether you're a data manager, parent, or educator, ADAPT empowers users with the clarity and depth needed to make informed decisions, bridging the gap between complex data and actionable insights into the state of early intervention and special education services.

Want to learn more? Discover the future of IDEA data analysis and request a demo.

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